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My art explores a human connection to nature. I feel there is a great need to reinvent a way to coexist with nature in our modern world and mend society’s alienation from nature. Art can translate what has been lost from the modern zeitgeist: an understanding of the complexity of, our integration with, and the awe of nature.

I have an interest in the surface design of the painting, a concern for the colors and texture of the paint. Striving to find a balance between depicting the space in a landscape and creating a reaction to the sense of awe found in nature, my work is a blend of representation and expressionism. I find there is joy in discovering observed truth in expressive marks. I want the viewer to respond to the space through my interpretation of it.

My art is not meant to be an imitation of nature but a revealing of the forms and space as I interpret them.

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  • "Give Strength to Body and Soul" by Abby Laux
    Painting: Give Strength to Body and Soul Artist: Abby Laux Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 24
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