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Bruce was attracted to watercolors after many years of being an off and on again Acrylic artist. He was drawn to the challenge and urgency of watercolor and paper. The spontaneity of watercolors has evoked him to ever-changing style with each work. His compositions tend to be narrative and loose but vary in style and technique. Bruce's' works frequently includes the use of water color pencils. His favorite aspect of art is engineering the composition then executing his design.

Bruce has a studio in the Gnaw Bone area and a gallery on 325 West south of Lowell Bridge. He is also a member of the B3/Ascension Gallery in Nashville, Indiana. A painting of his was recently hung in the IU athletic office. A recent two year project has been building a water powered kinetic sculpture, a truly one of a kind creation with water features, bells, whistles, symbols and drums just to name a few.  

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  • "Beneath Baden Drum" by Bruce Gray
    Painting: Beneath Baden Drum Artist: Bruce Gray Medium: Watercolor Size: 9
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