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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always dreamed of becoming an artist. My appreciation for beauty within nature came naturally having been born and raised on a farm. From childhood, I was continually surrounded by the subtle beauty of Indiana’s rural landscape and have often felt God’s presence within the serenity and grandness of nature. From an early age, I began to feel I was blessed with a God-given talent for the arts which continue to fuel my artistic and inward journey.

As a working family man, he happened to visit the T.C. Steele Historic Site and there discovered “the pleasures of painting en plein air.” That discovery has strongly marked his painting since. As he notes, “That freedom of painting outdoors also began to liberate my brush. My strokes became more fluid interpretations of light and shadow. My paintings are now impressionistic and full of movement and color.” As an active member of the Plein Air Painters Association, Klinker feeds his muse by traveling in their company all around the state. He is especially drawn to panoramas of places that naturally have water, trees, and wide-stretching fields. In recent years, Klinker credits working with noted British painter Hilary Eddy for refocusing and energizing his work yet again. He currently works with some human figures and with architectural forms as well as continuing to paint “Indiana’s pastoral and wild outdoor landscapes.”

Currently Jeffrey Klinker lives on the Indiana farm and in the farmhouse that his parents purchased in 1976, effectively melding his heritage with his art. The artist’s work has been featured in two volumes of Painting Indiana; a series published by Indiana University Press. His paintings appear in both Indiana Painting II: “The Changing Face of Agriculture” and in Painting Indiana III: “The Heritage of Place.”

Artist Statement: 

I consider myself an impressionist painter who, since 1998, has been working almost exclusively "en plein air." My signature style is bold, painterly, and richly layered, and pays homage to color, texture, and light. My rural heritage, reverence for nature, and interest in historic preservation inform my work.
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