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Jo Atkinson Belmont

Born and raised in Indiana, I was lucky enough to grow up having parents and grandparents who appreciated art. My paternal grandmother was a painter. I can remember drawing from a very young age.

In college, I majored in art and had decided to become an art teacher. I had to take many different classes learning different media and techniques. Besides art history, ceramics and watercolor were the things that I really loved. Having taught art on the high school level for thirty-one years, when I retired, I decided it was time to devote myself to my own work.

My husband and I retired to Mexico and lived there for 6 years. The colors, textures, architecture, and landscapes influenced me greatly. Although I have worked in both clay and watercolor, watercolor has become my passion. Being a realistic painter and influenced by the Baroque period of art, I love detail and high contrast in lighting.

Watercolor can be very challenging and it is very rewarding for me to attempt new and difficult things. I do paint to please myself. I only paint what touches me emotionally and what inspires me to want to capture it on paper. Landscapes with architectural interests, florals, and still life are the things that intrigue me.

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