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Maggie has had a lifelong love of art. As a child she loved to draw and spent much of her free time sketching. As a young girl, she went to the house of a neighbor who was an artist and learned the skill of oil painting while sitting on the neighbor’s front porch. But since oil paint and canvas were expensive, Maggie had to restrict herself to pencil sketches and pastel during those early years.

As a result, she excels at draftsmanship and realism in her art. Maggie describes her fascination with watercolor by explaining that “it is the closest thing to painting with God that I have experienced because there are times when I apply the brush and paint to paper and something mystical happens and I know that I did not do it; God did.”

She also enjoys working with oil when painting en Plein air and in her studio, painting from life. Maggie’s art captures reality in its fine detail and includes the earthy beauty of the world as she sees it. She also enjoys creative play with abstracts and letting the paint flow. Her passion is her art.

As an artist, Maggie is primarily self-taught, but has honed her skills by taking classes with Jerry Smith, Jeanne McLeish, Maggie McClellan, Chris Thomas, William Borden, Karlyn Holman, Sue Archer, Susan Sarback, C.W. Mundy, Laura Robb, Carolyn Anderson, Scott Christensen, Kevin MacPherson and Daniel Gerhartz. Gleaning from these instructors, Maggie has developed her own artistic style and presentation. 

 Artist Statement:
“My desire to become an artist has been a lifelong pursuit; sometimes stifled by the reality of the world; always there in the recesses of my soul; and occasionally bursting forth into the light. I believe the ability to create is God’s gift and we, the blessed, are responsible for nurturing it in whatever form we choose—I chose art.” Maggie Rapp

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