Collection: Stephen Edwards

Mainly working in watercolor, he is an award-winning watercolorist, signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Hoosier Salon, and Watercolor Society Of Indiana (as well as its co-founder). He is a keen observer of the world around him. His finding of abstraction in nature and then trying to capture it makes his work a two-fold experience. Somewhat abstract in design on one hand, while still being realistic on the other. It makes his work somewhat eclectic in subject matter but very enjoyable to the viewer.

He has studied the British Masters both past and contemporary and has borrowed from them to develop his style utilizing light and dark values to solidify the composition; and then blend in the color to enhance it. It is his use of vivid color that has cemented his style. The scene he paints may never had existed; but as one art critic said of his work, it should have.

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