Artist: Teresa Altemeyer Title: "Proud to Have Served His Country" Medium: Watercolor on Paper

"Proud To Have Served His Country" by Teresa Altemeyer

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2021 IHA Exhibition & Sale

Artist: Teresa Altemeyer
Title: Proud to Have Served His Country
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Size: 14" x 21"

This inspiring gentlemen decided, at age 80, that he wanted to be an artist and I was fortunate enough to meet him in a watercolor class - his very first class! It was fairly extraordinary that he had selected one of the most famous watercolorists in America as his teacher starting out. He wanted to start at the top!

We had a surprise 80th birthday party for him and from among the many celebration pictures I took I loved this particular image depicting his willfulness.

Robert and his wife had driven hundreds of miles to get to the class and his dedication, attention to the instructor and commitment to not be deemed "old" were nothing short of amazing. He embodied the concept of "learn something new everyday". His rural background, story telling ability and homespun manner made you like him from the moment you met. And he is proud to have served his country!